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Online Career Interest and Occupational Guidance Testing

Testing options range from measures that provide career guidance and suggestions to a more in depth evaluation of cognitive style, skills, interests, and personality characteristics that play into occupational satisfaction and success.  Information regarding occupational paths and academic tracks that would be most beneficial is available.

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What you need to Know about Online Psychological Testing

Doctor Halper & Associates is excited to now offer online psychological testing options.  Online testing is less expensive than traditional face-to-face testing but there are some limitations.  The testing we provide is appropriate for making certain types of diagnoses (like ADHD, personality disorders, mood disorders etc.).  The report can be submitted to your prescribing doctor if you need proof of your diagnosis in order to obtain certain kinds of medication (Adderall, Ritalin, etc.)  Our online testing is also appropriate for obtaining information that will help when choosing academic or career paths, and for information that is useful in therapy & couples therapy.  

Online testing options are not acceptable for any court related or forensic situation.  There are limitations in the use of online testing for accommodations and disability determinations. 

Please call the office for more information +1-703-988-4990  or email Dr. Halper at ehalper@drhalper.com for more information.

 Online IQ, Aptitude, 

or ACHIEVEMENT Testing ​

This  evaluation is appropriate for determining IQ, scholastic aptitude, verbal or non-verbal reasoning, executive functioning abilities, and basic achievement.  This type of testing provides information regarding potential eligibility for gifted programs, private school, Mensa, etc. As well as information regarding eligibility for treatment programs and disability for developmentally delayed individuals.   Call or Email the Office to Get Started.

Online Personality & Relationship

 Testing ​

Online administration of personality and social-emotional functioning tests, tailored to fit your specific questions.  Ideal for individuals or couples seeking guidance and direction in therapy or in their relationships.  Multiple tests available including the MMPI-2 and the MMPI-2RF.​  Call or Email the Office to Get Started.

Online  ADHD Testing

This targeted evaluation provides the information needed to clearly differentiate and diagnose ADD/ ADHD disorders versus other factors that can cause inattention and poor concentration,  This is very useful for those considering medication for ADHD or for those who wish to have accommodations at school or at work. 

Children Age 10-18:  $699 

Adults Age 18 - 64:    $599

College Student Special (Age 18 - 22):  $499